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This is me when I get REALLY MAD!
I look cool!

I can scare little kids
and even small animals hide from me
cuz I look EVIL!!

I guess you know who this is.

Sometimes when I'm mad
he shows up.

He looks cool
cuz he's THE MASTER OF EVIL!!!!!!

Sometimes he shows other people how to be EVIL . . .

This is Poison Ivy.
Poison Ivy is the enemy of good
cuz she's EVIL!!

Her real name is Uma.
Uma just acts EVIL.

I know another Uma
but I think my Uma doesn't act EVIL

cuz she IS EVIL
just like me!!

Be Warned!!

NEVER NEVER give a picture of yourself
to someone who looks like Poison Ivy or whose name is Uma
cuz they both are EVIL!!

Wanna see it all again?

Then click my EVIL EYE . . . if you dare!